Monday, 9 February 2015

Day 1.

I don't profess to be some sort of expert on fashion styling, in fact, as most of my friends agree I have a very distinct style and rarely stray from my usual go to black, white and grey and find it challenging to take myself out of that comfort zone but I have developed my own personal style over the years by reading blogs, following tumblr accounts, being somewhat obsessed with Pinterest so decided if I can share my own personal fashion ideas, inspirations and ramblings here and I can be of inspiration to just one person than that's something worth doing. So here you will see outfit of the days, current wants, inspiration and maybe a bit of styling advice thrown in if you happen to share the same interest of minimalistic style. You won't see any florals here, I am all about the simple clean lines, staple wardrobe pieces and the closest I ever get to a pattern is a stripe here and there. Enjoy! K x

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